What is Combo Brow?

Combo Brow is a cosmetic tattoo combining two forms of techniques: Microblading and Powder Brows.

Microblading is a manual cosmetic tattooing technique done with a hand tool, not a tattoo machine. Pigment is implanted beneath the surface of the skin with a row of microneedles that form a specific blade shape. The blade creates tiny cuts in the skin allowing precise placement of the pigment resulting in crisp, hair-like strokes. Microblading gives the appearance of hair where there isn’t any or adding more to enhance shape and create fullness where brow hair already exists.

Powder Brow is a cosmetic tattoo done with a tattoo machine specifically designed with a stroke depth for PMU. Pigment is tattooed into the skin to create shaded eyebrow looks which mimic makeup styles. The pigment used is the exact same as the pigment used for microblading, the difference is the technique in which the pigment is implanted. This allows the pigments to not only be used full-strength for a bold eyebrow but also diluted sheer for a soft eyebrow. By using the dilution technique, differing pigment strengths can also be combined for an ombré look.

Combining these two techniques to produce hair-like strokes and powder shading, results in a natural-looking hair stroke brow with a touch of makeup.
Great for all skin types, but especially for those with moderately oily or challenging skin who want the look of hair strokes/microblading.

What is Natural Combo Brow?

Natural Combo Brow combines strokes along with soft shading throughout the entire body of the brow.


What is Signature Combo Brow?

Signature Combo Brow combines strokes from the bulb and along the border of the brow, with shading at the tail.


What is Classic Combo Brow?

Classic Combo Brow combines strokes only in the bulb of the brow, along with bolder shading throughout the body and tail.


How much does it cost?

Initial Session $300+
Touch-up Session (6-12 weeks) $150
Maintenance Session $200

• All corrections (shape &/or color) from other PMU artists are subject to an additional fee TBD in-person. Please disclose if you have had previous work done when booking. Initial sessions allow plenty of time for consultation on the day of your procedure. If you have questions or concerns and feel the need to address the correction process beforehand, please book a consultation separately prior to booking an initial session.

• Touch-up sessions are strongly recommended/required and are viewed as the finishing touch to the initial procedure. The optimal time to do this is after a healing period of 6 weeks. Touch-up appointments will be scheduled in person at the initial session. Touch-ups must be done between 6-12 weeks. Follow-up appointments exceeding 12 weeks will be considered a maintenance session.

Maintenance sessions are for returning clients. Cosmetic tattoos are considered permanent because pigment is implanted below the skin surface. However permanent, they do require maintenance to keep the general shape and color looking best. Depending on what type of cosmetic tattoo, pigment type and color, skin type, and lifestyle, maintenance sessions can be expected every 1-5 years.

• All prices are listed as cash discounts. Checks are not accepted. There is an additional 10% service fee on all credit/debit cards.