Immediately following the procedure

Some tenderness, puffiness/swelling, and redness is expected. Heavy swelling and even bruising is normal, although rare. Your areola/nipple tattoo will be darker and bolder than what it will be once fully healed. It will also appear thicker due to swelling. Some will look more red than others, depending on skin type and pigment color. Don’t be concerned with the darker, thicker appearance, as this is part of the healing process.

Day 1 (Day of procedure): You will have slight to heavy swelling, depending on the amount of histamines in your body. You may have uneven swelling. Due to oxidation, your areola/nipple tattoo will begin to darken. Your tattoo will weep. Be sure to blot excess fluids off. Be sure to wash at bedtime and begin applying a rice grain-size amount of ointment. Always dress with a nonstick gauze pad after applying ointment, unless completely topless.

Day 2-3: Your tattoo will appear darker and thicker, and may still weep. Be sure to continue blotting.

Day 4-7: You will have less swelling. Your tattoo may still feel tight. Your tattoo may begin flaking. Do not scratch, itch, and/or rub your tattoo as this could result in the color healing unevenly, as well as risk scarring and/or infection*

Day 7-14: Your tattoo will finish flaking. Once finished, the color will be softer and lighter and the tattoo will be a little smaller. Do not pick or peel the flakes off prematurely as this could result in the color healing unevenly, as well as risk scarring and/or infection. Be sure to stop ointment once flaking stops*

Day 14-30: Color will fully bloom during this time, but the tattoo may still appear a little patchy until touch-up.

All procedures are conducted in accordance with OSHA blood-borne pathogen standards. Once you leave The Beauty Mark Permanent Makeup Studio, it is important to follow all aftercare instructions to avoid complications. Tenderness to the area is expected. This is a wound that must heal. Complications are extremely rare. However, if you observe any conditions that are not consistent with the healing process, such as any sign of infection, pus, red streaks stemming from the procedure area, or abnormal discharge or conditions, contact your physician for immediate treatment and advise Heather Wilhelm, Owner/Artist of The Beauty Mark Permanent Makeup Studio as soon as possible.

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