There can be a small amount of discomfort as pain level/tolerance varies per individual. Ladies will also be more sensitive during their menstrual cycle. High-quality numbing creams, gels, and/or liquids are used for every procedure. In almost all procedures, a topical numbing cream is applied pre-procedure to help ease any discomfort a client may have. During more lengthy procedures, a secondary numbing gel and/or liquid is strategically applied to ensure clients have the most comfortable experience possible.
Most clients report little to no pain, and often report only a tickling sensation during Lashliner.

An initial session includes a consultation, before photos, drawing, numbing, the procedure, and after photos. 1.5 to 3 hours are booked off, depending on the cosmetic tattoo.
Touch-up and maintenance sessions are shorter in appointment time and also depend on the cosmetic tattoo.
Specific appointment length information can be found on the Vagaro booking site.

Most all clients do. Some swelling and redness are normal and the eyes can feel heavy from the numbing cream. As always, plan accordingly.

Cosmetic tattoos (even microblading) are considered permanent because the pigment is implanted below the skin surface. However permanent, they do require maintenance to keep the general shape and color looking best. Depending on what type of cosmetic tattoo, pigment type, and color, skin type, and lifestyle, maintenance sessions can be expected every 1-5 years.
Sun protection and avoiding the use of exfoliating products, such as retinol, AHA/BHA, glycolic/lactic acids, on and/or near the cosmetic tattoo can help keep the color looking best.
It’s also good policy to inform your esthetician that you have permanent makeup before any chemical peels and/or laser treatments.

Microblading is well-known to fade over time, but all permanent makeup fades. When it fades, it becomes a lighter version of itself no matter which technique was used. For example, a dark brown powder brow will fade to a softer, lighter brown than its original color in a few years. This is why maintenance sessions should be expected every 1-5 years.

Contrary to popular misunderstanding, this has little to do with using a tattoo machine. Although the tattoo machine used now should be specifically designed with a stroke depth for PMU. It has almost everything to do with modern PMU pigment as opposed to low-quality ink. The main reason behind off-color older tattooed eyebrows and/or eyeliner is the presence of heavy metals in the ink, as well as the way the pigment molecules break down in it over time. In short, poor quality pigments. When choosing a PMU artist, don’t be afraid to ask about ingredients and pigment. Make sure they were tested in the laboratory and are of the highest quality. Also, don’t assume an artist with 25 years of experience has the best education.

It’s important to clearly understand tattooed eyebrows with this type of discoloration were done with old aggressive techniques and low-quality pigments. Modern machine powder brows look natural and fade nicely. Even with extensive knowledge and experience with this type of color correction, it is not guaranteed that the procedure will be successful. If the old pigment is very saturated, the skin won’t take more color. Any hair strokes are almost never an option. When choosing a PMU artist for this type of correction, it is important to find an artist who possesses an extensive portfolio of healed correction results. Never allow manual microblading over a discolored eyebrow tattoo of this kind.
In most cases, and with truthful and realistic expectations between artist and client, correction can help.

  • All corrections (shape &/or color) from other PMU artists or microblading technicians are subject to an additional fee TBD in-person. Please disclose if you have had previous work done when booking. Initial sessions allow plenty of time for consultation on the day of your procedure. If you have questions or concerns and feel the need to address the correction process beforehand, please book a consultation separately prior to booking an initial session.

The removal of permanent makeup is not an easy process. That is why it is very important to select a qualified and experienced artist. Do your research!